Capital Projects

Each year, through the philanthropic support of the community, Morton Plant Mease Foundation grants the not-for-profit hospitals of Morton Plant Mease philanthropic support of capital projects to purchase state-of-the-art medical equipment and renovate and/or build new facilities.


Mease Dunedin Hospital Cardiac Monitors
The cardiac monitors in Mease Dunedin Emergency Department were over 25 years old and needed to be replaced. This capital grant helped fund 18 patient monitoring systems with remote access and complete Cerner Integration. Our caregivers can now access current, critical patient information— from bedside throughout transport—to provide the ultimate level of patient care. Data from a variety of sources informs and supports clinical determinations at the bedside or remotely.

Volunteer Resources: CareLift/CareRide/HealthRide
Grants provided three new vans for Volunteer Resources so that they could continue their service of offering free rides to and from medical appointments through our van transportation services. Transportation services can literally be a lifeline for patients who might not otherwise follow through with medical appointments and therapy treatments.

SimPads for Pasco-Hernando Community College
The SimPads would enhance PHCC’s simulation learning experience by delivering realistic patient scenarios. SimPad can be used with existing pre-designed scenarios or customized simulations, including physiological patient parameters, such as vital signs, ECG recordings, and organ and patient sounds. Instructors can save simulation outcomes, useful for debriefing and assessment.  SimPad’s portability allows instructors to train students in any environment, providing the flexibility to make the most of every learning opportunity.

The Starlight Fun Center for pediatric patients at MCH’s ED
As the number of pediatric patients visiting the Emergency Department (ED) continues to increase, the need to provide for their psychosocial and emotional needs does as well. A Starlight Fun Center is a self contained mobile entertainment unit equipped with a Wii and DVD player. The ultimate is to provide support to young patients in an effort to facilitate comfort with the environment, increase compliance and decrease stress during procedures, and thus increase family perception of Mease Countryside’s ED’s ability to provide superior health care experiences through providing for the whole child.

Volunteer Resources Tree House Re-Sale Sign
The Tree House Re-Sale Shop at Mease Dunedin has been serving the community since 1982. Funds raised support the CareLift Van Services, MPM Family Care Fund and the Foundation. The former sign was over 30 years old and nneded to be updated to increase visibility of the service.

Care Room for Med Surg Unit Morton Plant North Bay Hospital
Over the past few years, Morton Plant North Bay Hospital has experienced a change in the medical surgical patient demographic.  This change has resulted in the increase in the number of patients admitted with medical diagnoses with an underlying co-morbid behavioral health (psychiatric disorders) condition as well as dual diagnosis  behavioral health combine with substance abuse.  A change is needed to assist the team member with stress reduction and mitigation of emotional exhaustion exhibited from working with this complex population.  The care room allows team members to have an area to de-stress and regain their composure to continue to care for the complex population.

iPads for Mease Countryside’s ED and peds/NICU units
A stay in the hospital can be unsettling no matter how old you are. For children, medical procedures, unfamiliar surroundings and new faces can be particularly stressful. iPads offer direct engagement for children, as well as a complete suite of services for parents and family. One iPad has been requested for Mease Countryside’s ED and one has been requested for Mease Countryside’s peds unit/NICU.

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