Women In Philanthropy

Become a member!With a mission to inspire and empower women to fulfill their philanthropic potential by improving the quality of health care in our community, more than 150 women gather annually to collectively decide where their giving will be used within the hospitals of Morton Plant Mease. Clearwater Chapter members pledge $1,000 annually, for a period of two years, while members of North Bay Hospital pledge $500 for the same two year period.

2014 Awards (Pinellas Chapter)

“Pathways” Behavioral Health Program: $100,000
Access to triage, screening, intervention and treatment for mental illness and addiction in our community is rarely, if ever, coordinated in the right place at the right time by the right providers. Pathways walks with patients and their families on their journey through the maze of mental illness and addiction, connecting them with urgent and routine clinical resources in Tampa Bay and beyond.

Palliative Care Program: $50,000
Palliative care is medical and spiritual care focused on relief of the pain, suffering and stress of advanced or chronic illness that cannot be cured. The Program is a collaboration effort between Morton Plant Mease and two local hospice organizations and includes emotional, social and spiritual support for the patient and caregiver. The team works together with the patient, family and the patient’s physician to offer hope, empowerment and the highest quality of care.

2014 Awards (North Bay Chapter)

"Pathways" Behavioral Health Program: $25,000
Pathways launched as a pilot program to overcome the critical gaps in accessing our community’s behavioral health system of care. A dozen highly skilled mental health coaches accessible by a 24/7 hotline will walk with patients and their families on their journey through the maze of mental illness and addiction, connecting them with urgent and routine clinical resources.  

2013 Awards (Pinellas Chapter)
– “Pathways” Behavioral Health Program: $75,000
– Palliative Care Program: $50,000
– Cancer Patient Support Services (CaPSS) Program: $25,000

2012 Awards (Pinellas Chapter)
– Clearwater Free Clinic’s Medication Program: $75,000
– Annie Miller and KT Smith Nursing Scholarships: $20,000
Clearwater Free Clinic– Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery Navigator: $50,000
– Clinical Pastoral Education: $20,000

2012 Awards (North Bay Chapter)
– Morton Plant Mease Indigent Care Program: $22,500

2011 Awards (Pinellas Chapter)
– Clearwater Free Clinic’s Medication Program: $75,000
– Madonna Ptak Alzheimer’s Research Center: $20,000
Volunteer Nurse Program– Volunteer Nurse Program: $24,000
– Gestational Diabetes Program: $30,000

2010 Awards (Pinellas Chapter)
– First Phase of the Doyle Women's Health Initiative ~ $50,000
– Turley Indigent Diabetic After Care ~ $75,000
– Molecular Oncology Testing ~ $50,000
Molecular Oncology TestingIndigent Prescription Grant ~ $15,000

(Morton Plant North Bay Chapter)
– Good Samaritans Health Clinic: Nurse Practitioner Program ~ $25,000
– Unfunded Transportation ~ $5,000

2009 Awards:
– Dr. Peter W. Blumencranz Chair ~ $50,000
– Indigent Prescription Grant ~ $40,000
– Volunteer Nurse Program Pilot ~ $25,000
Turley Indigent Diabetic After CareTurley Indigent Diabetic After Care Initiative ~ $50,000

2008 Awards
– Caregiving Youth Project of Pinellas ~ $50,000
– S.M.I.L.E. Program ~ $45,000
– Physical Therapist Assistant ‘EAYL’ Program ~ $15,000

2007 Awards
– Bobbie Marks Gynecological Cancer Program ~ $75,000
– Lung Cancer Screening Program ~ $11,000
SMILE ProgramYWCA Child Care Center ~ $30,000

Morton Plant North Bay 2007 Awards
– Vascular Program ~ $16,000
– Emergency Room Equipment ~ $11,500

2006 Awards
– Breast MRI ~ $50,000

Earn As You Learn2005 Awards
– Earn As You Learn Faculty Partnership ~ $50,000

2004 Awards
– Dr. George Morris Earn as You Learn Nursing Program ~ $25,000
– Clearwater Free Clinic ~ $25,000

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